Music lessons

Click through this section to see what type of music lesson suits you and then register here for lessons via our SpeedAdmin student management app. We really welcome new students: if you are a new to Trafford Music Service, please click on ‘New Student’.

There are many instruments to choose from….

It is worth bearing in mind that some instruments are more popular than others and that there might be a waiting list – for example for lessons on piano, guitar and violin. If your child is really set on learning one of these instruments, please continue to encourage them but you may want to register as soon as you can, to allow for waiting list time.

Otherwise there are many more instruments that we teach and you could encourage your child to look at other instruments. Most instruments have transferable skills which enable a student to swap to their first choice instrument when lessons become available. The Philharmonia Orchestra has an excellent link illustrating each orchestral instrument.

Instrumental and vocal lessons are offered in Trafford schools during the day or at The Claremont Centre after school or on Saturday mornings.