Currently at Sale Grammar school  we have tutors in the school delivering:

Cello and saxophone  lessons:
Tutors in the school are:
Ms Lansdown – cello tutor
Mrs Summerfield – saxophone tutor

Please note that the school employs their own tutors for other instruments so please contact the school directly should your child wish to learn a different instrument.

To find out more about lessons please visit our frequently asked questions page.

For lesson prices visit here.

For instrument hire information click here. Most instruments are available to hire for a termly fee with the exception of: Piano, Toot, Recorder, Ukulele, Drum kit, Pbuzz.

Register your child for lessons by clicking here. Your child will be placed on our waiting list and we will let you know as once our tutor has availability.

If your child wants to learn something currently not available in your school, please drop us an e-mail to or sign-up for lessons at our Music Centre in Sale where we offer a broad range of lessons after school and on a Saturday.

Details correct as of: 25th February 2022.