We are working with Heyes Lane Primary School to develop instrumental provision in the school and hope this will be able to start in Autumn Term 2023 with string lessons for Year 1 upwards.

All these string instruments start on smaller sizes and, if hiring, can be exchanged as children grow and require the next size up.

Recommended year groups and instruments it is possible to apply for are detailed below. As we receive enough applications, we will liaise with the school for suitable start dates.

InstrumentRecommended Age Range
Violin/Viola/CelloYear 1 Upwards
Double BassYear 3 Upwards
General Info:

To find out more about lessons please visit our frequently asked questions page.

For lesson prices visit here.

For instrument hire information click here. Most instruments are available to hire for a termly fee with the exception of: Piano, Toot, Recorder, Ukulele, Drum kit, Pbuzz.

Register your child for lessons by clicking here. Your child will be placed on our waiting list and we will let you know as once our tutor has availability.

If your child wants to learn something currently not available in your school, please drop us an e-mail to music.service@trafford.gov.uk or sign-up for lessons at our Music Centre in Sale where we offer a broad range of lessons after school and on a Saturday.

Details correct as of 2nd October 2023