Infants FAQs


What age can my child begin learning?

Our infant choir welcomes children from Reception age to begin their musical journey. When your child reaches Year 1, they can then join our instrument sessions.


Which instrument should my child learn?

Every child has different interests and we are proud to offer a diverse range of instruments for younger learners in Years 1 and 2. For information about the instruments, please read our infant ensembles page.  If you would like to discuss the options available, please contact our Lead Infant Music Teacher, Kate Valentine –


What does my child need to bring to the sessions?

Their instrument and infant work book if they have them. If they are staying with us for the supervised break, you are welcome to send them with a drink (in labelled bottles) and a small snack. When you pick up your child please can you make sure that they have all their belongings with them.


Can I come into the infants session with my child?

Unfortunately no. To keep in line with our safeguarding policy, adults who do not work for Trafford Music Service are not allowed into the building. You will be greeted by our staff at the infant entrance who will accompany your child to their session. We have highly experienced teachers who are accustomed to working with infants, but if you have any concerns please email


How is my child supervised at The Claremont Centre?

When we are working at The Claremont Centre, your child will be supervised by their teachers and a supervisory assistant at all times. They are all DBS checked and will also ensure that your child is accompanied to the toilets entrance should they need it and taken to their next class.


What are the next steps after infants?

When your child reaches the end of their time with us at the end of Year 2, there are lots of options for them to continue their learning here at Trafford Music Service. We hold an annual moving up week in July for Year 2 children to attend and experience our junior ensembles. In addition to junior ensembles, we also offer individual, paired and group instrumental tuition both in school and at the Claremont Centre. For more information please visit our music lessons page.