Infant sessions information

Infant Choir – for children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2

Infant Choir is a singing group for children to enjoy a range of age appropriate songs in a fun and educational environment. The sessions also incorporate using movement with song and develop general musicianship skills such as pulse keeping, pitch awareness and listening to others. These skills are essential when starting to learn an instrument.

Instrument Provision – for children in Year 1 and Year 2

The instrument provision is taught in groups with a specialist teacher and supporting music staff. Every child will be given a work book with information about their instrument and learning resources. The sessions are designed to be inclusive and creative, providing a fun musical journey for your child with musical games to support their instrument learning.

Achievement is celebrated every term and children receive regular rewards through stickers and certificates. All the instruments are progressive and are aimed towards a successful transition for when your child goes into Year 3. Please see the details below about each instrument group.

Infant Strings

We are proud to offer a wide variety of string provision on violin, viola, cello and ukulele. Your child will learn the foundation skills on their chosen instrument and general musicianship.

On the violin, viola and cello, your child will be able to play their instrument with confidence and introduced to the bow in the spring term of Year 1.

The ukulele sessions incorporate plucking and strumming techniques as well as learning through song.

Infant Woodwind

We are delighted to introduce the ocarina into our woodwind provision as a starting instrument before progressing on to the recorder. The ocarina has four holes and is an ideal starter instrument for Year 1 pupils to develop the foundation skills of learning a woodwind instrument whilst being able to play a tune more easily.

In the summer term of Year 1, the recorder is introduced once technique is secure, with the option of then playing the toot (similar to a flute) at the end of Year 2.

The next steps available in Year 3 are the clarinet and flute, followed by the option to move on to the saxophone, oboe and bassoon.

Infant Brass

Your child will begin on the pBuzz which is a plastic starter instrument for small musicians (similar to a trombone with a slide). The instrument introduces the mouth shape and buzzing technique required for brass instruments. The sessions also develop good musicianship skills through rhythm and pitch games.

By the end of Year 2, your child will progress to playing their chosen brass instrument, we offer French Horn, cornet / trumpet,  trombone and tenor horn , they will then begin to learn music notation.

Infant Percussion

We have two sessions to develop percussive skills on a Wednesday and Saturday. The groups introduce new instruments every term, covering African drumming, Samba and glockenspiel across the year incorporating rhythm and song.

In both groups, every child has an opportunity to develop leadership skills and be very much socially involved in the group. The sessions are inclusive and friendly with rhythm at the heart of the learning.