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  • Main hall

    Main hall

    The Main Hall can seat up to 50 people over 9 tables in bistro style, or up to 85 people in theatre style seating.

    Also with these two different styles you can fit a refreshment table in the corner of the room next to the doors closer to the kitchen.

    The Main Hall is a spacious room which is the heart of the building with 6 large windows. it also has double doors on either side to access the room.

  • C8


    C8 can seat up to 28 people theatre style with still room to move around. The room also has a large whiteboard in the middle of the room. The Springsteen room also has 3 large windows letting lots of light in perfect for yoga.

  • C5


    C5 can seat up to 40 people over 8 tables in bistro style. It can also seat up to 84 people in theatre style with a side walkway.

    C5 is a large size room with 3 large windows that you are able to open. It also has a large whiteboard and smartboard with a projector for presentations.