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Instrument hire, purchase & donations

As a result Trafford Music Service can provide most musical instruments for hire and this is charged termly in advance and paid online. Once a student has been learning their instrument for a few terms and you have decided to purchase an instrument – please take advantage of our Assisted Instrument Purchase Scheme (details below). Musical instruments make excellent Christmas and birthday presents.

Why hire an instrument?

We recommend that you hire an instrument at the commencement of lessons.  We do find that students sometimes want to move to another instrument (for example cornet to French horn, or violin to viola) or that they have grown out their smaller sized instrument and need to move up a size.  This is particularly the case with stringed instruments as they come in many sizes.  Or the student simply loses interest in the instrument.

Special note for guitar hire.  You are welcome to hire a guitar, but please be informed that the purchase price of a student guitar is very similar to that of the hire charge.  You may wish to consider purchasing a guitar.

Instruments available through our scheme include:

Guitar, Violin, Viola, Cello, Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Oboe, Bassoon, Baritone, Tenor Horn, French horn, Trumpet, Euphonium, Cornet and Trombone.

We do not hire out: pianos, keyboards, ukulele, Pbuzzes, Pbones and recorders.


Price: £40 per instrument per term.  £30 per term if the student is participating in Trafford Music Service’s lessons, ensembles or other activities.  Prices correct for 2020-2021 academic year.  Payment is in advance and via your online student account.

Making an appointment to pick up your hired instrument

If you are interested in hiring an instrument please complete the details on our SpeedAdmin portal.  If you are new to Trafford Music Service, you will need to register as a ‘New Student’.  Then, please phone 0161 911 8689 to arrange an appointment with one of the team to pick up your instrument from The Claremont Centre please make sure you have your appointment confirmed.

Why making an appointment is important?

This gives us time to look out an instrument and ensure that it is clean and in ready-to-play condition.   We sometimes also need to check with a teacher to ensure that the instrument is appropriate for the student.

Instrument Purchase

Assisted instrument purchase scheme

If your child attends a Trafford school or plays in one of Trafford Music Service ensembles you may be eligible to purchase an instrument for your child through Trafford Music Service. This is a national scheme known as the Assisted Instrument Purchase Scheme. Trafford Music Service is part of the Greater Manchester Music Hub and we therefore hold large purchasing contracts with instrument suppliers meaning that we can often get better prices on instruments. Another benefit to you is that your purchase will not incur VAT, but we do add a 5% charge (or £5 whichever is greater) to cover the administration time associated with the purchase.

How does it work?

You select the instrument that you want to purchase and contact Trafford Music Service with the make and model of the instrument.  We will tell you how much we can purchase the instrument for and if that is suitable will take payment from you and place the order. You will then pick up the instrument from The Claremont Centre once it has arrived.  You can begin the process by sending us an email with your selected instrument.  Email: music.service@trafford.gov.uk

How long does this take?

When we have confirmed that the instrument is in stock, please allow for two-three weeks from receiving your payment for the instrument to be delivered to The Claremont Centre.

Instrument Donations

If you have any no-longer-played instruments in your home and you would like to donate them for our young people to make use of – we would really welcome them.  Please can you email music.service@trafford.gov.uk to make arrangements to drop them off at The Claremont Centre or alternatively we can make arrangements for collection.  All instruments (apart from recorders) will be put to good use.  Thank you for your support.